Hi readers! This is Paloma, Melissa’s intern. I’m back to share some big news with you! I recently graduated from Texas Christian University with my business degree and will be moving to Austin, Texas later this summer to begin my career. With the big move from Fort Worth to Austin, I need to reorganize and redesign my living space.

During the past school year, I’ve lived in an off-campus house with four other roommates. Last summer, we all came together to collect hand-me-down silverware and appliances. We found ourselves a couch, kitchen table and chairs, a mini-fridge, and a TV console. Now, as my roommates and I all spread out across the state of Texas, we are divvying up the house and I’m nearly starting from scratch.

I move to Austin in mid-July, so I’m now starting to get really serious about shopping and designing my post-grad life! I’ll be living with one roommate, and we’ve locked in our lease and started planning. I’m responsible for kitchen necessities in addition to everything I need for my bathroom and bedroom. I’m excited to share my ideas with you all and everything will be linked for easy shopping if you feel inspired. Here’s an example of what I hope my bedroom turns out to look like!

Click the pic to shop Paloma’s new apartment.

I’m keeping my bedframe but buying new bedding. I’m looking at this white duvet option from Pottery Barn. I’m taking my desk with me because I’ll be working from home for a while, but looking to get a new desk chair. I really like this pink or white option. I need a new matching set of nightstands, and I have my eye on these beauties from West Elm. I also want to incorporate some unique and fun art into my new room. After hours of researching, I finally found an artist based out of Mississippi who I fell in love with. Her website is https://www.mkdeckerdesigns.com/ and her Instagram is @mkdeckerdesigns. I’m going to purchase the “Blush Dancer” frame to hang above my bed. After reaching out to Mary Kathryn herself, she offered Home with a Twist followers the code ‘thanks10’ to get 10% off and free shipping. My room in the apartment will be carpeted, so I’m not sure if I’m getting a rug yet. If I do, I really like this one. Extra pillows and curtains will be figured out later once I’m moved in. I really just want to focus on the main furniture pieces now to ensure I have what I need when I move in. 

Click the pic to shop Paloma’s new bedroom.

For the kitchen, I’m planning to get new glassware, dishware, pots and pans, and a new coffee machine. We already have this silverware from Target and some dishes and mugs between us. These glasses from Amazon are technically for beer but will be great for iced coffee in the morning. (More on this later!) I love these drinking glasses and wine glasses from CB2 for a modern look. I’d love to incorporate some items from Anthropologie, like these glasses and mugs, for a fun touch. I like the detail on this white dish set from Target. I have had my eye on this pan for months. It’s called the ‘Always Pan’ and it’s gone viral over the last year! It’s designed to replace 8 other pieces of cookware, a safe non-stick surface, and it looks pretty cute too. And finally, I’m super excited to graduate from my old Keurig to a new Nespresso! After doing some research, I’ve decided on the Vertuo Deluxe. It can brew coffee and espresso and includes a milk frother. I love iced coffee and lattes, so this will be the perfect tool to make them at home.

While ending my college chapter of life is hard, I’m so excited to enter a new adventure in Austin! P.S., All the items mentioned are linked in this post and on Home with a Twist’s LikeToKnowIt.