If you’re like me throughout the year you collect all kinds of seasonal plates, cups and serving pieces. I like to pick up coffee mugs when they hit the shelves at Valentine’s Day, Easter, and other fun times of the year.  Rather than clutter my regular mug cabinet, I like to keep them all on in a mug storage box like this. When pumpkin spice latte season arrives I know exactly where to find my “Hello, Pumpkin” mug.

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A few Christmases ago I purchased a set of really sturdy red and white holiday dish boxes from the Container Store. Regrettably, they longer carry them, but I have found some good substitutes.  It makes it so much easier when you can organize your holiday plates and platters into their own container so when it’s time to use them you know exactly where they are. Bring down the box from the shelf, take it to the dining area, unpack and store the box away until you are ready to repack it for next year. The added benefit is since they have been stored away in a closed box the dishes will be dust-free.

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I love to serve punch and cocktails during the holidays which means I have several punch bowls, cups, and glassware sets, and they take up a lot of space in my party pantry. I like to use these storage boxes to hold and store all my wine and champagne glasses. These holiday mug boxes are perfect for punch cups. My favorite – this box for silverware!  How perfect.

Now for napkins and napkin rings I like to use stackable Sterlite storage boxes. They have a low profile so they don’t take up a lot of space.  Pro-tip – clear containers are best so you can see what’s inside of the box. For table setting supplies like salt and pepper shakers or votive candle holders, I love these small Sterlite stackable drawers.

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Finally, everything must have labels. My friend Caitlin from This Joyful House is a professional organizer and creates the best labels. I love them because they look like handwriting, the kind The Home Edit gals use. Peruse her Etsy shop here for tons of inspiration. Caitlin is offering Home with a Twist readers 15% off your Etsy purchase from October 31 with code HOMETWIST.

Let’s get started with all your organization so you are ready to enjoy the holidays!