Last week I shared how we organized our kitchen drawers. This week is a quick inspiration for cleaning out and organizing your bedside table drawers.

My first suggestion if you are in the market for new bedside tables is to purchase ones with several drawers. I inherited from my parents a set of beautiful French provincial bedside drawers. According to The Insider, there are “Eight Popular Design Trends for 2021” and one of the trends is non-matching furniture pieces. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest:

I love using a secretary’s desk as a bedside table in a bedroom. Source Pinterest

Different tables, both white with drawers. Source Pinterest.

One side a table, the other side a cabinet. Source Pinterest.

Same idea, but with a different finish. Source Pinterest.

Now, if you aren’t in the market for tables a simple fix is to use baskets to help you organize books and other essentials in a beautiful way.

Source Pinterest

If you have drawers, let’s talk about how I organized my drawers. First, clear everything out of all the drawers (yes, everything). Have a trash bag handy and small boxes or bins to sort piles for “Keep” “Trash” “Donate” “Move Elsewhere.” Wipeout or vacuum the drawer so it’s clean.

Next, I like to use these SmartStore Inserts in white from Container Store to organize drawer contents. They come in a variety of sizes making it easy to find the best fit for your drawers. I’ve got compartments for pens, nail care and hand lotion, medicines, lip balm, remotes, and so on.

I use the second drawer for magazines and books I am reading and after cleaning out the clutter, it gave me a completely empty bottom drawer. I learned that tip from my organizer friend – Elizabeth Jones.  Her philosophy is after your purge and organize you should always have empty space to grow into. That empty bottom drawer gives me space to stash a blanket – or snacks I want to hide from my family!

I hope this was inspirational. Next week we will tackle my desk drawers.