Do you know that immediate reaction you get when you first walk into your hotel room?  What thoughts come to mind? For me, it’s the senses. The room smells fresh and clean. The sheets are white and crisp. The pillows are fluffy and stacked neatly at the top of the bed. The coverlet and sheets are tightly made and smell freshly laundered. The white towels in the bath are plush and hang beautifully on the towel rack. The soaps smell heavenly next to rolled hand towels. The hotel refrigerator is fully stocked with far too expensive sodas and snacks (go ahead and spring for that $15 can of peanuts). Lush robes hang on wooden hangers in the closet and slippers beckon your feet. And, if you splurged asking for a bottle of wine and treats upon arrival they sit on a tray on the desk.  In the morning the smell of freshly made coffee fills the room as you nestle back into a fluffy bed of clouds straight from the steam shower.

Then, you return home.  While it is nice to return home after vacation, I always wish I could replicate the feel and look of my hotel room in my bedroom back home. So, I’ve put together some inspiration and links to help you recreate that spa-like feel.

Serena & Lily Masterclass Secrets of Styling a Bed

First, from Serena & Lily – A Masterclass on the Secrets to Styling a Bed. I liked the inspiration of how they walk you through three different ways to style your bed for the season, and the technique for pulling back the duvet for the layered look you see on a hotel bed.

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I have the pintuck comforter set in white and I like it as a base for my bed so I can add color and pattern with throw pillows. During warmer months, I use a linen bedspread and keep the comforter folded at the end of the bed. The bedsheet set from Amazon has over 60,000 5-star reviews. Nothing beats a fresh set of white sheets. The Sleep Foundation recommends replacing your bed pillows every 1-2 years. Until then, I wash my pillows every month with a bit of vinegar to brighten and remove odors, then run them in the dryer. I try to have two sets of pillows so I always have a set on hand when I am doing laundry.  The pillows are Amazon’s Beckham Hotel Collection with Cooling Gel. Pro-tip: To capture a lovely scent in your bedding I like to use wool dryer balls with a sprinkle of lavender essential oil. Add the balls into the dryer, they not only help to shorten your drying time they can also replace dryer sheets.

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The hotel bath is always so inviting and I like to try to make my bathroom, as well as the guest bath, feel as luxurious. I like Costco’s white bath, hand and wash towels. They sell them in sets of six. They are a nice absorbent weight and wash well. If you aren’t a Costco member, this set from Amazon has great reviews. I also love washcloths designated for makeup removal. When I stay at my favorite place The Trellis House, they have a set of these on the shelf. You also need a quick-drying lush bathmat to step onto when you get out of the tub.  The wicker ottoman from Target is not only stylish it’s functional as a hamper for wet towels. I love the look of stacking your towels on the top next to the tub. And, every hotel bath has a robe. I like this waffle robe from Allswell. Add rolled handtowels on a tray by the sink with a dish of monogrammed soaps, and a set of L’Occitan bath products and you have a heavenly bath.

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Finally, replicate that clean, fresh smell of a spa-like hotel room so you’ll have a good night’s sleep. Several years ago my friend Deanna gifted me a bottle of Lavender Pillow Spray. I keep it on my bedside table and spritz my pillows every night before bed. I also use diffusers around my home to make the house smell fresh and inviting. I love this diffuser with a Bluetooth speaker. It’s very sleek looking, too. My favorite blend of essential oils is orange and lavender. This small compact white noise machine is perfect for traveling. Lastly, it’s always nice to have a carafe of water for your nighttime meds. These can serve double duty on the dinner table filled with wine or iced tea. I like to have several sets of these on hand.

With all this inspiration, you’ll never want to leave your home!  Happy traveling.

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