That title makes you want to tune in, doesn’t it?  In an effort to help me be better organized on my weekday meal planning, which I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I made the Pinterest Crock Pot Lasagna.  Here’s how The Hive residents weighed in on the results.


The recipe said to take one bottle of any pasta sauce, uncooked lasagna noodles, one 16-oz carton of cottage cheese, and 2 cups of mozzarella cheese.  Start with the sauce and make three layers.  Cook for 5-6 hours.
Results:  Worth trying again but with these modifications — use two jars of sauce.  It was a little too dry which I think is what made it cook faster than the 5 hours.  By the 5th hour, the edges were starting to burn.  And although I like my lasagna to have a little crispy cheese edges, this was burnt.  I think this extra liquid would also insure that all the noodles were soft, a few were still a little underdone.
I would also use more cheese, like double the amount.  It wasn’t very cheesy.  Lasagna is all about the cheese.  I might even use thick slices of mozzarella along with shredded.  This would give it more substance.
I think the cottage cheese amount was fine and the nine or so noodles I used were adequate.
It needed flavor.  I might add a few teaspoons of Italian herb seasoning to the sauce and maybe a teaspoon or two of sugar.  I like sweet sauce.  Chopped onion and a little garlic would be good.  In fact, I would probably take the two jars of sauce and add sauteed onion and garlic and heat it up on the stove.  Add a little red wine and the seasoning.  Let it simmer, then add it to the Crock Pot.  Obviously, this makes it a little more time consuming but I think the extra effort would yield a yummier lasagna.
Two out of three residents said it needed more umph.  Mr. Bee said it was great…on his second helping.  He’s easy to please so I am not sure he should be counted in the poll.
If you want the recipe, follow me on Pinterest and check the board “Crock Pot Meals.”