Neighbor Bee, Cindy, is about 6 weeks away from being a Grandmother to little Addison Leigh – Miss Addi Bee.  So, it was only proper to have a shower for CiCi (the name Addi will call her).  We assembled the neighbors for a “Sips and Sweets” afternoon shower.

It started with the invitation.  I found artwork on the internet and printed it off on cardstock — “She’s About to Pop with Excitement!”  Miss Bee and I packaged the invitations inside cellophane with a bag of microwave popcorn, tied them up with ribbon in the same design as the bag, attached a card that said “hope you can pop in!” and Miss Bee hand-delivered each invitation one afternoon.

For the big day we had a few party activities…one included a quiz to match each guest’s name with the translation of the meaning of their name.  Then, each guest wrote their wish for Cici and Addi and added it to the “Wishes and Wisdom Tree” I had made with a few artificial forsytheia placed inside a galvanized bucket.  I made birds out of scrapbook paper and after a wish was made the bird was placed on the tree.  I made the little sign next to the tree from some artwork I found on the the internet.

I let Cindy take the tree home so when the baby comes and visitors stop by to see her, they can make wishes to add to the tree.
Next, was the table and food –the best part!  I found the tissue puffs at Hobby Lobby.  They came three to a package and were already assembled you just had to puff up the tissue sections, very easy.  Hung them from the chandelier with the same ribbon I had used on the invitation packages.

I used Earnie’s milk glass collection for all the treats.  I labeled each dish with a fun name on colored card stock.

For libation we enjoyed “She’s a Peach” Bellinis…the little guests sipped cherry limeades in their champagne glasses.
Cindy received alot of nice things for her nursery.  Now, all we have to do is wait for Addi to get here!