Did you know that 90 percent of people open a text message within three minutes, compared to the 20% of people who even open an email?  Often times texting is more accessible, especially if you aren’t near a computer or tablet or don’t have your email account set up on your phone.  I am excited to share with you my new Let’s Go MOBILE club!  This exclusive feature allows you to opt-in to receive text messages from me where I’ll share upcoming events, classes, recipes, tips, and seasonal inspiration. Just text TWIST to 844-675-0483 and you will receive a message back from me that you are subscribed.

Let’s answer your questions –

What does “Opt-In” mean? Simply put the word “opt” means “make a choice.” You are choosing to subscribe to texting communications. In other words, you are providing consent to receive text messages from Home with a Twist.

How often will you text? I promise to keep my text messages to you no more than four per month and the content will always be fabulous. Plus a message from me might come just when you need a little pick me up.

Will you share my phone number?  Not at all. Your phone numbers are not shared and will only be used to keep you included in what’s going on at Home with a Twist. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing your phone number with me, simply visit my website www.homewithatwist.com to stay in touch.

What kind of content will you share? All sorts of fun things — a new cooking class I am offering and I want my text subscribers to get first dibs on signing up, maybe an easy weeknight recipe for dinner, or cute printable place cards. My messages will be short and include a safe link to access the information. You can opt out anytime to stop receiving my messages.  Type the word STOP will cancel your text subscription. And, I will happily welcome you back if you decide to rejoin the fun.

Added bonus:  If you want to contact me for cooking advice or send me an idea for a blog post, you can text me back.

Explain the Text Twist part. I am not sure I understand how to do this. This is super simple. Pick up your phone and open your texting screen like you are going to send your bestie a text message. Type in the Home with a Twist phone number 844-675-0483. Then type the word TWIST in the message box, then hit the send (or arrow) button. Presto!  You will then receive a confirmation thank you message from me!

Don’t delay – sign up today so you don’t miss my first message. I can’t wait to share the JoyFALL season with you!