Today’s topic:  Buttermilk Pie.  Love it.  I think the first time I ate it was at the Nut House in Granbury, Texas.  I was probably younger than Miss Bee is now.  It’s very southern.  I was nine when Earnie purchased this cookbook by mail order..

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Somewhere along the way I discovered the buttermilk pie recipe and from the looks of the page, it was a frequent occurrence for me to make it.  Earnie added the note about adding lemon juice.

So I made one last night.  All the talk my Austin besties were doing about spending Thanksgiving together tomorrow made me all nostalgic.  So I made one.  I plan to eat a big slice tomorrow.

I even tried a new pie crust recipe from my friend David Venable’s new cookbook (we’ve never met, but I consider him my friend.  He’s a cutie).

Pie.  It’s the most important part of the Thanksgiving meal.