Daddy, Mother and me at Julia’s Circa 1970

I treasure this photo of me with Mother and Daddy.  It was taken in front of Julia’s fireplace (get her Spritz cookie recipe here).  Since I was just talking about her yesterday I wanted to follow up with this heirloom. It started out as a pic Julia planned to take of just Mother and Daddy in front of her fireplace.  I love Mother’s nubby zip front pantsuit and Daddy’s button cardigan and his signature cigar.

Backstory:   I saw that I was being left out, ran over just as Julia took the shot. Cut to Mother’s laughing, “Oh, isn’t Melissa precious how she always wants to be the center of attention!”  And, then, look at Daddy. “Just darlin’ (actor note:  say with sarcasm).”  And this is how my childhood and adulthood have always been. #sheneverstops