bug collection
Remember the bug collection assignment from middle school?  I created my own, not as creepy, featuring butterflies.  Something you may not know about me — I totally freak out when I come in contact with a cockroach. Seriously, all my nursing school training goes out the window.  I can put your eyeball back in its socket, but if you ask me to spend 30 seconds with a cockroach, forget it.  Okay, back to story.

I’ve always loved butterflies.  When I go for walks, if I see one, it’s my reminder that God is always with me.  Especially in those months when the Monarchs are migrating to Mexico.  I see dozens of them flying through the air.ballard-butterfly-push-pins

I purchased a package of butterfly pushpins from Ballard Designs (which they don’t carry anymore).  When the box came, Miss Bee helped me open the packaging for each one.  We got the best laugh over the design of some of these.  I am a really optimistic, sunshiny kinda person, but the last time I checked…butterflies don’t have smiley faces, at least none that I can see.

butterfy with smiley faceAfter a little dab of some Rub-N-Buff I toned down his excitement.   I took a shadow box I found on clearance and got to working on pushing the butterflies into the linen covered foam insert.
butterfly shadow box
I really like all the colors and if I ever get tired of it, I can use the push pins on my bulletin board and fill the shadow box with something else. Not cockroaches, though.