We’ve made the food and picked out what to wear  Now it’s time to ready the space your guests will slumber after a delicious meal.  Here is the room I have created for guests when they come to stay…


Guest Bedroom

And an easy checklist to help you ready your guest room:

1)  Dust everything, including the headboard.  No one wants to sleep in a dusty room.
2)  Vacuum the floor.
3)  Put on clean linens and wash or put your comforter in the dryer with a laundry sheet to freshen it up.  Make sure there’s an extra blanket for guests that are always cold and fan for those who are always warm (that would be me!).
4)  Make sure the bedside table is equipped with a new box of tissues, bottled water, and a clock or device charger.
5)  Gather up toiletries like toothpaste, a toothbrush (my friend Kathy NEVER remembers her toothbrush), hand lotion, a razor, chapstick, mouthwash and put them in a basket in the drawer.
6)  Make sure your bathroom is clean, with clean towels.  Is there extra toilet paper handy.
7)  Is there a new bottle of shampoo and conditioner and bar of soap in the tub?  New bottles look fresh and inviting rather than half used ones with soap dripping down the side.
8)  I always have a first aid kit ready with band aids, alcohol wipes, antibacterial ointment.  Tuck it into a clear box.  The Container Store has a cute one here.
9) Windex the windows so they have a clear view.  You would be surprised how dirty your windows get from keeping the house closed up during winter months.
10)  Most grocery stores have $3 bouquets of flowers.  For a minimal investment you can put a pretty bunch of flowers next to their bed making your guests feel welcome.
11)  Light a candle or run a diffuser in their room with something soothing like lavender.

Other nice touches are new issues of magazines, some treats for late night snacking like an apple, granola bar or chocolates in a basket at the bedside or on the bench at the end of the bed along with their fresh towels.  I usually try to keep bottled water or a carafe and glass with filtered water so guests don’t have to make a late night trip to the kitchen for something to drink.



In the bathroom, monogrammed hand towels are such a personalized touch, with fresh flowers and a candle.  It’s like treating your guests to a visit to a day spa.  Kohls and Kirkland’s always carry inexpensive, monogrammed towels.  You could purchase a few with your guest’s initial and send them home as a thank you gift.

I also have an apothecary jar full of travel sized toiletries for guests to choose from.  Fill your soap dispensers, too.


Another nice touch is your Wifi password in a pretty frame on the nightstand.

wifipasswordsample28129I found a printable from I Rock So What several months ago and saved it to my Pinterest Printable board.  There are so many creative people out there willing to share their talents by pinning them to Pinterest.  Please check out my board.  There are tons of cute tags, printables and art.

You can go to her site and download the image and add your own WiFi passcode.  I used Paint and it was super simple.


Remember…”Hospitality is when someone 
feels at home in your presence.”