Have you seen the movie La La Land?  My sister-in-law treated me and Miss Bee recently and I loved it!  This “modern musical” is really sweet and the music was fun.  I swooned over Emma Stone’s wardrobe — colorful and very “swirl” worthy for the dance scenes.  If you haven’t seen the movie I won’t give anything away, only highlight the clothes “Mia” wore in a few scenes.

Girls Night Out Blue Dress

I loved how each of her girlfriends wore a different “candy” colored dress.

Never mellow yellow when dancing with Ryan Gosling

Her figure is perfect for these dresses.  I loved that everything she wore was age appropriate, vintage inspired and ladylike.

Coral Crush

Who says redheads can’t wear coral?  I loved this cotton halter dress with pockets for a date night.

Cute little pique tennis dress in blue with a yellow cross body purse and ballet flats.  Perfect for a day of sightseeing.

Mia shined brighter than the planetarium stars in her emerald green dress and pendant.

I’ve always wanted to swing from a cable car while kissing my love interest.  If I did, I would wear her a-line cotton skirt, with a sleeveless button down tied at the waist.

And, I would end the night walking down the street in a black, raw silk dress with sling back heels.  Red lipstick would be in my black clutch purse.

Here’s a fun story behind Emma Stone’s wardrobe for the movie (click the link for the entire story, or you can read my summary).   The film’s costume designer, Mary Zophres, has since revealed the inspiration and thinking behind Mia’s retro-inspired outfits.  It was important to Mary that the audience walk out of the movie wishing they could get their hands on the clothes, at places like H&M or a department store like Bloomingdale’s.  In fact, Stone did wear a $5 shirt from the H&M retailer, because the costume designer wanted to ensure her character “dressed in her normal life” too.

The first fitting for this white confection, “Emma started spinning around in this dress. She loved it. I loved it.”

“Going to real stores and mixing it with things that we bought or that we could have conceivably bought but we made instead was how I tried to infuse it with a modern sensibility… bringing in things that were really from Los Angeles in 2016.”

If you watched closely, you might have also noticed Mia’s dresses became gradually more voluminous as the film progressed. As you’ve probably guessed, this was no accident.

“When she was spinning or dancing, you got a more effect of like a period film, but I tried to balance reality,” Zophres says.

“I also didn’t want to overdesign it, and [Stone] actually looks better in things that are simple.”

You could literally watch this movie 20 years from now and have no idea when it was filmed because there is such a timeless, yet vintage feel to it.

And, the soundtrack.  Well, I plan to start cleaning my house with this blasting on the Bose.  My dread of dusting and vacuuming will disappear for sure.  And, if I could do chores in the yellow dress, I’d be set.  Be sure to check out La Land before the Oscars on Sunday, February 26.  Enter the official 2017 Oscars Challenge here for your chance to predict the winners for prizes!