Tons of things buzzing around for today…

My sweet little niece came today.  She’s perfect.  All tiny, snugly and wrinkly.  It’s like having a new baby, but I get to give her back to her mother..and don’t have to breast feed her.

I got a new phone for my Honey-Comb-Hideout.  I found her while on my girls’ weekend. A great companion for the blue one on the wall.

I’ll be sampling this new sparkling wine I found at the grocer..with a touch of grapefruit essence.  While I finish this furniture project

A Pier 1 chest I bought a few years ago and decided the green and red stripes weren’t for me.  I tried a new paint from Amy Howard Home. And I found some new knobs at Hobby Lobby.

I’m trying to make a list of things I think of for my blog so it’s not so long between posts. One fun event I will be posting on all week entitled “The Colon Chronicles” will show my journey through a “Welcome to 50” routine colonoscopy.  Good times.