It’s important to surround yourself with things that make you feel blissful — by definition: Achieving happiness and great joy.  I’m sharing today simple things that make my heart sing.

Flowers.  Not expensive, grand arrangements.  Sometimes I just pick a few roses from the garden and put them into a juice glass. Yesterday, I stopped into Central Market and bought a few $2 roses in a variety of pinks.  I usually try to keep fresh flowers in my bathroom so I have something pretty to look at while I get ready in the morning or prepare for bedtime.

This image of a peony is so sweet tucked into a retro sherbet dish. I think this glassware was on my Sister Bee’s wedding registry in 1972, but in avocado green.

Candles.  I am burning one right now while I am writing this post. One of my favorites is Eucalyptus Mint from Bath and Body Works. My splurge candle is Orange Blossom Special from Draper James. I also like to diffuse essential oils at night before bed, lavender in particular.  It makes the bedroom smell so clean and fresh and, as you know, lavender is the perfect scent to relax you before bed.

Lotion.  The only lotion I use everyday is Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Firming Body Emulsion.  It has a gentle fragrance that smells clean like soap.  It’s one of my treats to slip on my pjs right after a shower and prop myself up on pillows and read a good magazine.

Magazines.  Speaking of which — I am a sucker for a beautiful magazine like Martha Stewart Living.  This month’s issue is full of ideas for Valentine’s Day…my favorite holiday behind Thanksgiving.

Office supplies and calendars.  I love office supplies like binder clips, file folders and fabric document boxes.  These cute binder clips from See Jane Work are inscribed with To File, To Pay, and To Do.  The perpetual calendar is something fun to change everyday.

And last, a good bowl of candy.  I keep a dish of sour cherries in the powder room as a treat for guests.  My friend Jacqui goes straight to the bowl whenever she comes over to the house.  It’s like her personal bowl of candy…But my other favorite is cinnamon gum drops.  Seriously, if I was a celebrity this candy would be included in my contract…“Mrs. Twist requests a giant crystal bowl of red cinnamon gum drop candy.”

What things would make for the best day ever for you?  Find your bliss.