When you’re an event planner and work with other event planners, you’re always trying to come up with ways to have…an event.  So, today was our annual “open cubicle” —  our spin on an open house. 

We each prepared (or for the gals that don’t cook, bought) a fall nibble and set our dish on the credenzas outside our cubicle doors (we each have our own enclosed offices, but they don’t have doors, weird).  We started at the front of the office and had a progressive feast down the hallway.  Here’s our parade of food for the fall frolic…

 Trader Joe’s pumpkin macarons and
a cute little acorn cookies inspired from Pinterest.
Egg soufflé tarts from the Black Rooster Bakery

Homemade pumpkin cream cheese roll.
Cheryl rocks at this.  Notice her fall framed foliage.
She got points for her décor.

 These are the best ever.  They are breakfast cookies made with
corn flakes, chopped bacon, and raisins.  Chandra made a
batch of these when Daddy passed away.  We took them with
us for the car ride to the cemetery.  Perfect with coffee.
 Our boss is not a cook.  So she filled her vase
with faux spider web stuff and candy.
 Pumpkin dip with ginger snaps and apples.
 Trader Joe’s apple cider. Kalyn laughed
because it looked like she was serving meds in cups
at the hospital.
 My contribution…Pumpkin Greek yogurt parfaits.
I took votive cups, filled them with layers of
maple pecan granola, yogurt and whipped cream.
Garnished with a cranberry pumpkin crisp.
Here’s my set up.

 Homemade pumpkin bread…cause you can
never have enough pumpkin

Happy fall, ya’ll.  Next office party… a chili cook-off. My team’s name…”The Heat is On.”