This was the first recipe to try from the Cake magazine I mentioned here.  It’s the Brown Sugar Pound cake.

Two things happened here.  First, when I was measuring the ingredients I measured five cups of flour.  Once ready to eat it was so bland and just plain, gah.  I have never made a cake that turned out tasteless.  So, I looked back at the recipe.  Oh.  I was supposed to put in three cups of flour (the magic number five was for the eggs).  Oops.  But, still, even if I had just put in the minimum of three cups, I think it would have still tasted, gah.  Oh, and here’s a tip.  When you use too much flour the cake never cooks all the way through.  After two hours — no exaggeration here — I finally took the cake out.  Nice burned edges, and ooey gooey raw batter in the middle.  Gah.

Second, the icing.  No where in the recipe does it say ”WAIT TILL CAKE IS DONE” to start making the icing.  It was a dreamy caramel sauce.  But when the cake was ready to be drizzled with the heavenly sauce, this is what happened:

Triple, gah.   I was determined to get the damn icing on.  So, with my Spackle tool I applied the icing.  Which is as illustrated in photo A.

I cut a slice and had Earnie eat it.

Earnie in her nice, Southern gal kinda way said it wasn’t too bad, but not the best I have ever made.  So, down into the trash went five cups of flour, 5 eggs, 2 sticks of butter, about nine cups of sugar, and my pride….

The end.