Each year, at Thanksgiving, I plan two things:  First, reading magazines and cookbooks for a new cornbread dressing to make, and the second, how to dress my table for the big day.

In the south we don’t stuff our turkeys, so we call it dressing.   I loved Earnie’s version growing up but she made hers with a little of this, a pinch of that, kind of hard to replicate.  When I lived on the east coast for a stint in my younger days, it was tradition to make oyster stuffing since oysters were plentiful along the shore.  Just give this southern gal cornbread dressing please.

My recent issue of Country Living magazine had a several page spread of traditional Thanksgiving recipes.  The cutie pie Beekman Boys shared their version of the perfect carb loader with your side of roasted turkey…

I think when I make it I will crumble the cornbread rather than keep it in chunks.

As far as dressing the table, I have been saving a few photos I’ve seen on line for ideas.  I have a huge rosemary bush off the lanai.  I think I may tie up the silverware into bundles like this..

You could even add little tags with fun questions for each guest to share over dinner.
I have aged bronze chargers from my Southern Living at Home days that I may paint with chalkboard paint and write each person’s name.

For the beverage station (hopefully my rolling cart will be done by then) I have been hearting these adorable holiday beverage tags from Ballard Designs. 

What will you do this season to make your guests feel special?

“As soon as I get home from a day of work, I bathe, brush my hair,
 put on fresh makeup, and slip into a hostess gown.”  Loretta Young, actress