When I was away at summer camp, Earnie didn’t send me gifts in the mail.  Side bar:  My gift was usually waiting when I came home — a totally cleaned out and newly decorated bedroom.  The thing now is when you send your kid away for camp, they need to get mail cause all the other kids are getting mail and gifts!

Some parents go overboard on the whole “I don’t want my child to feel alone during camp, so here’s $150 dollars.  Go treat your cabin to treats in the snack shack.”  I don’t go that crazy, but I do like to send her a few small things so she gets something every day during mail call.  The camp has a mail box so on Sunday when you drop little precious off you can drop their mail marked with their name and what day you want it delivered.  Camp is six days = six gifts.

I stopped into World Market today for something work-related and found tons of fun things in the back of the store near all the food… things that won’t end up back at home for Ruthie, the wienerful, to eat, chew up, or throw up.  Everything was about $2 each. 

Bubbles that you can hold.

Ruthie saw this candy dispenser that shrinks
to a slinky and said Miss Bee had to have it.

Jelly Beans.  Cause everyone needs a
Gluten Free, GMO (what?) free, nut free,
fat free, gelatine free and kosher treat.  Whatever.

Something to do as she drifts off to sleep
Explosive fun.
The camp counselor will LOVE me.
And summer wouldn’t be complete without
the essential CrackerJacks.
Have fun, honey.