I made a stop into the Container Store this morning and I couldn’t believe all the choices of gift wrapping, tags, tissue and baking containers.  I mean I loved the Container Store before today, but seriously, well they have outdone themselves.  I have found my dream job when I retire.  I may die there.

When I was little, before the “bow and go” bags, Earnie would set up a gift wrap station in the guest bedroom with rolls of wrapping paper, boxes, tissue, scissors, tape, ribbon and bows.  I was in charge of wrapping each family member’s gift.  She would pay me 25 cents for each package, however the rule was each one had to be different.  Earnie was also a magician at recycling old Christmas cards and she would have me make them into gift tags.  I would pretend I worked in a department store and make customer tickets for the packages and sometimes I would have to tell them we had a backlog of packages to wrap so it might be a while.  Even then I was awesome at customer service.

Back to the container store.  Here is why I want to work there someday:  They have a gift wrap party and a team of employees wrap all the gift boxes for the display.  I know!  The employees told me they play Christmas tunes after the store closes and wrap boxes until 3 a.m.!  I know!

Here’s my snaps of just a smidge of the pretty papers…

I loved this series because the colors are muted, soft and icy like snow.  I especially liked the aqua rolls of paper because they had a nice texture.  Most of the papers could be used for any gift, not just Christmas.

This set was so retro and all the colors I remember Earnie using on our snow-flocked trees — hot pink, lime green and red.  I bought a roll of the striped paper with the coordinating hot pink taffeta wired ribbon.

Chalkboards are all the rage and Container Store was on trend with chalkboard bags, boxes, tags and rolls of ribbon.  I bought a spool of the wide chalkboard and burlap ribbon to hang a boxwood wreath on my door.  You could personalize each package by writing the person’s name with a fun message.

Okay, this looked like real Birch wood.  I think I may use this to line the back of bookcases or just  keep it so I can look at it. It would make a great wrap for the men in your family, or for a woodland theme.

The Container is having a Pop! Star promotion — for everyone $100 purchase you receive a $20 credit to use during the month of December.  That’s an incentive to stock up on all your gift wrapping needs.

That’s a wrap!  Have a fab Friday.