Tagged as “The Perfect Gift for the Entire Family.” Well, they should take all their wrapped gifts back and exchange them for counseling.  I’m sad (spoiler alert).  I really wanted to like this year’s holiday movie Love the Coopers...but I didn’t.  It was really depressing.  I thought it was going to be similar to Christmas with the Kranks.  The movie had its funny moments, mostly with Rags the dog eating the mashed potatoes or passing Christmas dinner gas afterward.  The story made me cry in several scenes, but it ended on a high note with everyone forgiving each other.  The movie didn’t leave me wanting to string Christmas tree lights and make cocoa.  It made me want to take a nap because I was exhausted from all the arguing.  What it did do was make me appreciate my family and that we genuinely like each other.

So, on that note, let’s focus on two movies that I LOVE! 
First, Elf.

Best character, in my opinion, that Will Ferrell has ever played.  He makes the movie.  So many classic lines from this movie.

“Smiling’s my favorite”
I love the movie so much, I made up my own trivia questions.  You can
probably find similar quizzes on the web, but if you’d like a copy of
mine, leave a comment.  We played it at my office party one year.

Second favorite Christmas movie…

Chances are less likely you’ve seen Christmas in Connecticut.  It came
on yesterday on A&E and while I was napping I got all cozy listening
to it in the back of my dreams.  It’s the story of a woman who writes
for a women’s magazine about her domestic bliss (ala Martha Stewart) on
her farm in Connecticut.  Only it’s not true.  She lives in New York in a
walk up apartment and doesn’t cook, much less milk a cow.  It’s the
story of how she tries to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes when her
boss comes to visit for Christmas Eve.

Don’t you decorate the tree while in your fur and hubby playing carols
on the piano?  I’m a sucker for vintage.  I dream of curtains like hers
and tinsel on the tree.  What’s your favorite Christmas flick?