I finally had it with my mess of a center console in the Hive mobile.  While the rest of the car is clean and trash free I was making the console my junk pile with all the “I keep meaning” to take those inside stuff.  I tried to get organized with a round bag, but it wasn’t keeping everything sorted.


 As I was going through Earnie’s things, I found the bag she purchased from Sister Bee from her Thirty One business.  Mother had used it for all her bible study and church things.  I thought it would be perfect and it would put a little part of her in the car with me everyday.  She had it monogrammed to say “On the Go.” 

So, these are the three bags I am working with.  The red one came from Sister Bee last Christmas.  I keep it in the car with all my coupons for the stores I shop. 

The green and yellow bag my niece made me, houses gum, mints, bobby pins, a small pouch of tissues, and little loose things.

Next, I got to working on all the things I like to keep in my car.  This bag has pouches all around it and a plastic liner (which came from Staples) to keep the bag stiff for organizing inside:

1.  Caldrea wipes (they have a really fresh smell.  Great for wipes down a dusty dash)
2.  Scissors — when I go to the Post Office sometime I need scissors to cut packing tape or open a package.
3.  Pens
4.  Hand Sanitizer
5.  Phone charger
6.  Sunglasses and glass cleaner
7.  Box of Kleenex
8.  Note pad
9.  Einstein Travel Mug (refills of their yummy hazelnut coffee are only $1.29 with the reusable mug)
10.  Fanny Pack with ear phones for walking
11.  Bag of wet wipes to pass around the car for messy hands

I put the console platform down and the bag fit perfectly in it’s place, with room for my purse. The bag has handles so I can easily pull it out to move it elsewhere or take inside.

Organizing your car.  An easy weekend project.