In a recent slew of Pinterest fails, I am happy that I have found a pin-worthy recipe to share.  I am so glad this recipe for Campfire cookies didn’t blow.  What intrigued me about this cookie recipe was the key ingredient — mini marshallow bites.

The pinner – is a great blog for all kinds of yummy recipes — shared a tip that the Jet Puffed Mallow Bits were at Target.  So, after church yesterday Miss Bee and I made a run to Target for the bits.  I could hear all the Barbies from the toy aisle cheering.  These are truly made for a Skipper-sized campfire, or if Ken and Barbie had to move out of their townhouse they could use them for packing material.  They are cute, crunchy, tiny bits of fab.  I could just put them in a bowl and look at them if the recipe was a bust.  Sorry, back to the story. 

The dough is very similar to a traditional chocolate chip cookie, but you add cinnamon graham cracker crumbs and mini hershey kisses.

The dough is stiff so you really have to put some muscle into incorporating all the ingredients.

They come out the oven perfect, warm and melty — just like a s’more.

The mallow bits do melt and you can definitely taste the cinnamon graham crackers.  I think I may also switch to the kisses instead of nestle tollhouse morsels.  I ate several bites of the dough — a good sign the cookies would be good — and, once baked, I had to hold myself back after the second cookie.  We packaged a bag full for Miss Bee’s BSF leader.  I was thinking they would make a great teacher thank you gift if you attached a cute note that said, “We need s’more teachers just like you!”  There are a few examples of tags on my gift ideas board on Pinterest.

Even if you hog the entire batch for yourself as a test batch, you won’t be sorry.  Add this one to the “damn good” column!