This little sad cart was what I started with…

It sat next to Daddy’s chair and since he couldn’t see real well, it suffered a few spills of his favorite beverage, Diet Dr. Pepper.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it.  It has a alot of charm.  Tiny, vintage, wooden wheels, and a removable tray top.

I even tried to give it away, but no one wanted him.  Then one day when I was skimming through one of my magazines, I saw this and got a light bulb idea:

I thought it looked so much like my little cart.  I took my new paint color, Florence, from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint collection, a little of their clear wax, chalkboard paint, and a tube of Rub-n-Buff in antique gold and went to work.

This is side view of the paint application and the Rub-N-Buff along the top edge.
This is a view of the wooden wheels and before I
applied the Rub-N-Buff to the hardware.
 Here’s the party animal now!
Can you see something in the top right corner?
Chalk board top for quotes or drink choices
Leg hardware after a little Rub-n-Buff
The bottom tray has a few accessories.
Going to expand the bar tending inventory this spring.
I took me about a day to do the whole paint process.  I think I put two coats of chalkboard paint on.  Then after everything was dry I did a little clear paste to seal it and finished with the accent of the gold rub-n-buff.  Let me know if you would like for me to wheel the cart over for drinks soon.  He will be available for parties!  Cheers!