If you want to start the year with a fresh, new planner, I’ve researched for you!  I’ve got a few to share with you based on different themes.  Here goes:

Savor Life Planner – This is a 90-day concept planner with a self-care meets soul-care for successful living. The mission of founder, Angela Jia Kim, is to help you nourish to flourish, create daily rituals, and organize your “gorgeous chaos,” so you can make time to savor the sweet parts of life.  Use the planner for 90 days, then purchase a new one to re-set for the next 90 days and so on. Since my Word for 2020 is Nourish – this is the planner, I chose to help me track my goals.  I like the prompts on each page as you plan your day, week, and month. Cost: $29.95

Hope Planner – This 6-month planner is a combination of a daily planner and prayer journal. Their concept is “put it on your list and lay it at the cross.”  This is perfect for people who want to connect more with their spirituality in the new year.  Take back your day from “all-the-things” and cultivate the relationship with Christ you’ve always wanted by making time
for Christ on your schedule like you do everything else. If your priority is to put your faith first every day, this planner is for you. Cost: $34.95

Mama Love – This planner helps mamas and mamas-to-be tackle their busy lives while carving out time for daily and monthly self-care. It also helps mamas put the spiritual aspects of their life first by drawing attention to spiritual goals, affirmations for their lives, and incorporating a gratitude practice.  Most mamas spend so much time and love on others that there isn’t enough time, energy, and love left for themselves. This planner is a practical tool to change this pattern. I think this would make a perfect gift for a new mother. Cost: $39.97

Commit 30 – Fitness Journal:  If you’re committed to making this your year to get in shape, this planner is for you! The Commit30 Fitness Journal helps you focus on movement, nutrition, mindfulness & motivation one day at a time. Set up similarly to their popular Commit30 planner, there are monthly calendars, weekly layouts, 30-day challenges, meal planning sections, exercise tracking, and more. With customizable rows to track anything from steps to miles to carbs to weight, this is the tool to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.  If you love stickers, they have an add-on kit. Tuck this in your gym bag and go! Cost: $29.99 (it’s on sale right now).

Daily Greatness Journal – The Dailygreatness concept will move you from wishing to achieving and from dreaming about it to doing something about it, and that’s the “magical” shift. That’s what you’ve been looking for.

The intuitive flow of the Dailygreatness concept gives you a foundation and a structure to your days that support you in achieving your goals. It’s a simple process that’s fun, creative, and engaging. We know we learn best when we play. They offer journals for all areas you want to plan – yoga, wellness, parenting, personal training, business, and the traditional yearly planner. Cost: $29.99 and up.
There are so many other great planners out there, in addition to the few I have shared.  I hope this helps to give you ideas and inspire you to consider adding a planner to your success toolbox for 2020. What’s a planner you’ve been using with success? Share it with us in the comments.