I follow King Arthur flour on social media and I was so excited with their new challenge — “Bake the Bag series delivers new recipes via email each week until you’ve used up every scoop of a 5-pound bag of flour. This first nine-week challenge features White Whole Wheat Flour, a mild-flavored, light-colored 100% whole-grain flour that’s perfect for those who might be hesitant to try whole wheat. ”

After you sign up here you are sent the first week’s recipe to your email inbox.

Along with the first recipe you receive a printable shopping list to stock up on all the ingredients for the full nine week challenge.

Week one — Whole-grain banana bread with a 50/50 mix of white and whole wheat flour.   I rarely bake with whole-wheat flour and I was curious how this would turn out.   At the bottom of each recipe they provide baking tips, including substitutions.  One tip was to rough mash your bananas so your bread has big bites of chunky banana.  I tried this tip and I will definitely follow it from now on.

My favorite part of bread is the soft crack down the middle of the loaf.  And, my house smelled heavenly as it baked!  See the big chunks of banana!

I have to say this was probably my favorite banana bread recipe to ever make.  Really!  The whole-wheat flour yields a nutty-like taste to the bread and since the recipe only uses brown sugar, it’s very molasses-y and not too sweet.  It slices like a dream.  I can see slices spread with soft cream cheese and cut into fingers for brunch or afternoon coffee.

My next recipe arrives in my inbox on August 23.  It’s kind of exciting to see what I will be making.  Want to join me and gain access to the recipes — sign up here today!

Together we will #bakethebag!