Miss Bee’s favorite thing is soup.  When I saw a recipe for Cheese Tortellini and Italian Sausage soup on Pinterest I gave it a try.  Unlike the barfy oatmeal, this was a winner.  Mainly because you can dump everything in the slow cooker and do nothing.  My favorite meal.  It was so good.  Mr. Bee had three bowls and said it could rival a restaurant-style soup any day.  I made a batch of Beer Bread and had sliced apples as a side.

Brown in a skillet one package of Italian sausage.  I used Johnsville.  Drain on paper towels.

Into a greased slower cooker set on low:

one package of cheese tortellini (any brand is fine)
Cooked sausage
one bag of spinach
2 cans of Italian-style diced tomatoes
2 cans of chicken stock

On top of soup ingredients, placed one block of cream cheese cut into cubes.
The recipe says to cook for 5 hours, stirring only twice.  I think I cheated and stirred it three times.  I think the more you stir it the more likely you are to tear up the pasta.  The cheese melts and makes the soup all creamy.

Follow up thoughts:  Needs salt and pepper which I added at the end.  I did use no-salt tomatoes, so be sure to taste the soup first.  Also, I would suggest chopping the spinach first.  I just tossed in a bunch of spinach with stems on and it was a little harder to eat.

I think this would be the perfect dish for when you’re taking dinner to a friend in need.  Have a great hump day!