Hi readers! This is Paloma writing, and for those who don’t know me, I’m Melissa’s Social Media Coordinator. I recently graduated from Texas Christian University and I’m about to start my ‘big girl job’ in Corporate America. I help Melissa on the back end of her website and social media presence, but occasionally love to ‘guest-write’ articles. I am excited to be sharing my at-home coffee routine with y’all.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘I don’t need to learn how to make a fancy coffee at home.’ Or ‘My Keurig is enough for me.’ And while I, too, agree with those statements, I’ve recently had a coffee-making epiphany, and it’s probably not in the way you might think.

I take my coffee routine seriously. I must always start my day with one cup of hot coffee. This hot coffee is pretty simple- one packet of Splenda (Aspartame haters, be gone) and a splash of yummy creamer. (These are my favorite K-Cups right now) But, if my day calls for a second cup of coffee…. This is where it gets interesting.

The second coffee is most often cold brew (it’s like iced coffee, but stronger). Now, you may be asking, ‘Paloma, why are you switching from hot to iced?’ And I will tell you! For me, the hot cup of coffee is a morning ritual. It’s non negotiable. It’s crucial to my awakening and preparation for the day ahead. But the cold brew? It’s more of a beverage. It’s something to enjoy and savor while I sip on it as the morning moves forward.

At home cold brew is easier than you may think. There are these lovely Cold Brew Makers that allow you to wake up to a strong and smooth cold brew in the morning with minimal hassle. Or, if you’d prefer to buy it pre-made, I love Stok Unsweetend, and I buy mine at Target, Whole Foods via Amazon, and Tom Thumb. 

Let’s talk about creamers. I love my cold brew with a splash of Oat Milk and flavored creamer. I am an avid Oat Milk evangelist. I’m sensitive to dairy, and have to be choosy with when and how I incorporate it into my diet. Enter: oat milk. It is creamy and rich with a subtle oat flavor that compliments the coffee taste. I prefer Oatley Low Fat or Elmhurst Milked Oats because the ingredient list is pretty clean. I love to add a splash of real creamer too, like Caramel Coffeemate or Chobani Sweet Cream flavor. If you’re feeling like taking this to the next level, consider investing in some flavor syrups like This One from Torani. Drink it out of This Glass with a Reusable Glass Straw or take it on the go with this Insulated Tumbler. Your day just got so much better!

Who needs Starbucks anymore? Well, me sometimes. But when I prefer to stay home, this is pretty dang good too. I hope y’all try it out!

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