There are so many different ways to tell your spouse or child you love them. But instead of giving them the typical card, consider creating an entire book telling them all the ways you love them—from A to Z. Not only does it force you to be really creative, but it gives your partner, child, or even BFF a list of traits that make them unique. And it shows how much you care!

Thanks to my nice friends from Shari’s Berries, who happened to like my post on “Finding the Perfect Valentine Gift based on your love language” here, they offered to share this Alphabet of Our Love book with HWT readers! 

Instructions for Alphabet of Our Love

  1. First, download the alphabet cards. 
  2. Print out the cards on either hard cardstock or regular paper.
  3. Write out one reason you love your partner or child for each letter of the alphabet on each card. For example, for the letter “A,” you could write “Always ready to help me out” or “Advocate for family time.”
  4. Once you have finished writing the alphabet of love, laminate the cards. If you chose to print on cardstock you may skip this step.
  5. Bind your cards together using a binder clip or ribbon. You can do this by hole-punching a hole in the left corner of the cards and then looping a ribbon or clip through the holes so it flips like a book.
  6. Give your sweetie their alphabet of our love book!

What a fun way to do something as a family!  Wouldn’t it be fun tonight to work on this project together, then share the cards on Valentine’s Day!