Miss Bee is not unlike anyone when it comes to the old “what am I going to wear” while standing half dressed in the closet 10 minutes before needing to be at church.  So I enlisted the help of my friend, Stylish Holley. 

She came over one afternoon after school and worked with Miss Bee going through her closet helping her to make outfits with what she already had.

First, Miss Stylish asked Miss Bee what her “go-to” clothes were – things like jeans, a denim jacket, items of clothing Miss Bee would most likely wear on a regular basis.  They purged clothing that was either too small or not wanted.  Then, Holley laid out on the bed the top favorite pieces and started to build a wardrobe with them.  I sat with a cup of tea in the beanbag chair — silent and motionless.  I did blurt out a few “oh, that’s cute” every once in a while.  But, I tried to be quiet as this was Miss Bee’s time to shine.

Miss Stylish came up with a ton of winning outfits.  She was really on trend with the teen scene.  We photographed each one Miss Bee liked to print and place in a binder so when she needs inspiration for an outfit, she can refer to her own book.  Miss Stylish also suggested a memo board in the closet to pin outfit inspiration from our photos as well as photos from magazines and catalogs.
Here’s just a few outfits we pulled together…

Orange jeans, white t-shirt, and an infinity scarf with black Gladiator sandals.

Same white t-shirt, only this time with light pink jeans and sleeveless denim jacket.
You can’t see it, but she also added a sparkly, floral statement necklace.

Strapless dress, with red cardi (sleeves rolled up) and same black Gladiator sandals.

After we put together about 25 outfits, Stylish Holley helped Miss Bee make a list of “must haves” for spring.  This not only makes shopping easier, it helps us to save money so we don’t keep buying the same thing over and over.  She suggested we visit the mall during the week after school when it’s not so crowded and work our way down the list of items.  Top items were white jeans, ballet flats, a white button down shirt, and a few more scarves.

It was fun working with Holley and I think it gave Miss Bee a great foundation for what’s to come with keeping her wardrobe fresh.  Miss Bee was Stylish Holley’s first teen client as she usually works with and shops for grown up ladies.  But, if you have a teen in need of fashion help, let me know and I will put you in touch with Holley.