I recently painted one wall in Mr. Bee’s study.  Toucan Tango from Clark and Kensington.  It may be my new favorite color.

I wanted an orangy red color that would coordinate with the World Market Suzani curtain panels we have on the windows and the shades of blue and turquoise we have throughout the rest of the house.

I also just wanted to accent the wall we put the Emerson shelves from World Market so there would be a backdrop of color against the accessories. We purchased two shelves and put them end to end along the wall.  I am so glad we went with an open back shelf.  A solid shelf would have made the room feel really small.

This shelf shows an assortment of old and new things.  I found the seltzer bottles at an antique store.  The clock on the top shelf belonged to my grandmother.  You can see I tried to balance the weight on each shelf with solid dark colors of accessories against the airiness of glass.

These are mostly all Mr. Bee’s collection of books and memorabilia from his English parents.  I filled in with some of my family’s things like the black mantel clock and the black marble candle weapons holders.  Mr. Bee has an atlas from when he was in elementary school and he turned a page to the British Isles.  I found the faux mother of pearl magnifying glass at HomeGoods.

The globe on the stand belonged to his Uncle Desmond.  The other one is circa 1970 and I got it out of the trash at the Goodwill.

I need to find another globe or maybe a decorative box for the empty spot in front of his Grandfather’s Aeronautical Society certificate of membership from the 1920s.

I added this mirror from Kirkland’s to the other side of the room above a credenza. I love the touch of blues and lime greens.
The last thing on the list for the study is to re-style all of Mr. Bee’s diplomas, certificates and his old wooden propeller that belonged to his Grandfather from an airplane crash he investigated back in the ’40s.  It’s pretty cool and I want to hang it up on the wall.  Plus, it wouldn’t be a finished room unless I paint a piece of furniture.  Stay tuned.