Mr. Bee is always good about sharing his English heritage with Miss Bee.  I suggested that this past Sunday after church we make a trip to Central Market to get food to have a “plowman’s” lunch.  Miss Bee has made several trips to England in her short life and enjoys these lunches at the local pubs.

Coined a “plowman’s” lunch because it’s a portable food that farmers can tie up in a cloth or pouch and carry it with them back to work.  It usually consists of cheese, chutney, bread and maybe a piece of fruit.

Mr. Bee was in charge of the cheese.  He selected a sharp cheddar and a cheese with honey and fig.  Miss Bee sounded in with a sweet cranberry infused cheese and her fave herbed soft cheese.  We definitely took liberties here with the variety.

Miss Bee and her cheese.  A funny story…. recently Mr. Bee picked up a block of Chihuahua cheese (you, know from Chihuahua, Mexico).  Miss Bee came up to the counter took a slice and inquired what kind of cheese it was.  He told her.  Her face went white and she put the cheese down.  I asked her what was wrong.  She replied, “that cheese is made of Chihuahuas”.  It took me a second and I started laughing.  In her mind she was thinking hundreds of Chihuahuas were lined up on a milking farm with milkers attached to their teeny, tiny teats. 

Back to lunch.  We sliced some Granny Smith and Fuji apples.

Purchased some hearty loaves of bread.

Jars of Branston Chutney and a jar of Hayward’s pickled onions. 

A jar of Italian honey drizzled over a slice of cheese and bread.

Oh, and that block of brown ick at the top? That’s Mr. Bee’s goose-liver pate.

It was a nice Sunday lunch.  Sitting around the table casually breaking bread and eating cheese.  It’s the perfect meal.  Filling, doesn’t heat up the kitchen and all the ingredients can be reused during the week.  Give it a try.