On a recent getaway, I stopped into a home decor consignment store.  I have been on the hunt for blue and white dishes and I found an English cream and sugar set. The creamer has a little chip and I knew right away I would plant a succulent in it.  The sugar bowl is in mint condition so I filled it with raw sugar and put it on the coffee station tray next to my Keurig.

I stopped into Calloway’s Nursery for a bag of potting soil specially formulated for cactus, succulents and desert plants.

And I found two varieties of succulents for $3 each.  They put them down inside the cutest little brown paper bag.

I filled the creamer with potting soil.  If you wanted to you could fill the bottom with small pebbles, but the nursery lady told me I didn’t need to if I used the Black Gold brand soil specifically for cactus.

I nestled the succulent down inside, filling the sides with the cactus soil.

Then, placed green moss (from the craft store) on the top to cover up the soil.

I gave it a light watering.  The main thing to remember about any cactus plant, is you don’t water them.  About once a month, give the soil a light mist of water, but really they don’t even need that.

So next time you see mismatched china in the thrift store, consider giving it a new beginning as a vessel for a low-maintenance succulent.  What a fun gift to share with someone.