My friend, Pam, recently introduced me to the most delicious libation – Noble Wolf Vodka. Pam and I have been safely meeting on our patio for sips and snacks the last few months. The last time we met she arrived with a bottle of Noble Wolf’s Pink Lemonade Vodka and a Sonic Route 44 Cherry Limeade. We made “Momma’s Pink Panties” a recipe from the proprietor of the vodka, Bryce Cottrell!

Here’s the founder’s story:

I gave up the NFL for Vodka. Yes, you read that right.

As a defensive end at Texas I had a love for football that ran deep. BUT, my love for family and friends ran even deeper. You see, when I was a kid I looked up to my grandfather more than almost anyone. A wise man, I remember he always would order a glass of vodka before he would impart his wisdom into my life. In the same fashion, vodka seemed to be the drink of choice for my extended family – many of my football friends. So, one day on the plane back from a game I had an idea:

As an athlete I wanted a vodka that tasted great, but I was tired of the empty calories and heavy feeling I had afterwards. I had heard that people were making vodka from unique sources. So, I wondered what would happen if we made vodka from fruit? Little did I know that I would soon discover the power Grapefruit had in producing vodka. It actually made a vodka that was low-calorie, low in sugars, paleo, and gluten-free. The bigger surprise? It didn’t taste fruity – instead, it had a really smooth/classic finish. Once I discovered this, I knew I had a decision to make. I could pursue my career in the NFL or dedicate my life towards making this vodka into a real company.

I took some time and as I reflected, I realized that many of the best moments of my life (and the lives of so many others) happened around vodka. Whether it was my grandfather teaching me something new, celebrating with my teammates, or going on a date with someone special, all of those memories actually had vodka involved in some way. I knew I wanted to impact people, creating moments around friends and family – leaving a legacy like my grandfather had. It was that day that I decided to launch Noble Wolf and since, the results have been incredible.

Okay, here’s my easy recipe taking Simply Pink Lemonade and Noble Wolf’s Pink Lemonade Vodka.  I rubbed a cut lime along the rim of a champagne flute and dipped the edge of the glass in sugar crystals (like the kind you decorate cookies). In a cocktail shaker, I mixed the lemonade, an ounce of vodka and ice (you can add more if you want a stronger drink).  Shake the cocktail for 30 seconds to get it good and cold, then strain your drink into your glass. If you like bubbles, add a little bit of Topo Chico. And, for a mocktail version just use the lemonade with a dash of Topo.

I stuck a PEEP on the end of some cute PEEP straws I found at Jabo’s Ace Hardware.  How festive is that!  Happy Easter.