30 days

December kicks off a month of lists from 30 Days of Lists a fun website offering prompts to help inspire journaling.  I did it in September which you can read about here.

December, next to November, is my favorite month for obvious reasons.  I will share with you throughout the month the list ideas and you can do it along with me.

My Favorite Things About December:

  1. Putting up the Christmas tree.  Why I am excited about it this year is because my professional organizer friend, Elizabeth Jones, with Nest and Transformation, helped me to re-organize all my Christmas stuff last year so it’s boxed according to category.  If I want to decorate in phases, I can just go get the box marked “Entry Way” and decorate that area. Life changing!  Doesn’t make me dread decorating.  In fact, I may put up more than one tree this year!  Elizabeth is offering specials to Home with a Twist readers during the month of January.  Contact her at [email protected] for more information.
  2. Listening to Christmas music. This should probably be for a November list because I start listening to CM on November 1.
  3. Making Christmas cookies.  It’s the only month when you kinda HAVE to eat fudge, cookies, and yule logs and not be judged.  Until January comes and your yoga pants are tight.  But, I am getting ahead of that by starting to work with a trainer and dietitian next Tuesday through my local YMCA – their new wellness center is one mile from my house!
  4. Fires in the fireplace.  I love to be cozy by the fire and so does Ruthie, Hazel and cats.  We pile into the family room, put on cheesy, but wonderful, Hallmark Christmas movies and chill.
  5. Church. I love when the church is decorated with greens, wreaths and trees, lighting Advent candles, attending Christmas Eve service, the message of waiting for the expectant birth of baby Jesus, and reflecting on what Mary, the young Mother, must have been feeling knowing she was carrying the King.
  6. Christmas parties. I went to my first one last night.  A sweet, beautiful group of ladies from our grief support group two years ago wanted to gather for dinner to share how they have been doing.  I was so proud of these women — who have all lost their husbands — to hear how much they have grown in their faith and new found roles.  We shared a yummy Italian dinner in Rita’s stunning home filled with 30 years of Nutcracker collecting.  Best way to start December!
  7. Christmas clothes.  Mine don’t light up or have fur on them, but whatever makes you cheerful is what the season is for!  My new top is from Talbots and says “Cheers” in gold and is 30% off right now.  I can’t wait to wear it with jeans and my blue and white polka dot puffer vest.
  8. Christmas dishes.  Mother gave me money one year for Christmas and I decided to purchase a set of dishes to use during the holidays.  Now, every time I use them I will think of her.

What are your favorite things in December?